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KEYNOTE - After a Summer of Indigestion, Year-end Opportunities

Tony Dwyer

Tony Dwyer |   Canaccord Genuity, Macro Group Head | Senior Managing Director | Chief Market Strategist -  Twitter @dwyerstrategy;

As a Strategist, Dwyer is best known for the practical application of macroeconomic and tactical market indicators designed to assist institutional clients in making intermediate-term market and sector investment decisions. He is frequently seen and quoted on the various Financial News outlets such as CNBC, Barrons, FOX Business, and Bloomberg. Tony’s presentation takes a look at the current and historical macroeconomic and financial market data to employ a practical intermediate-term investment strategy.

Tony joined Canaccord Genuity in March 2012 following the acquisition of Collins Stewart, where he served as senior managing director and chief equity strategist. Prior to that, he was chief equity market strategist and co-director of research for FTN Financial’s equity arm from 2003-2010. In addition to his analyst role at FTN, Tony also held the title of co-director of research, chairman of the investment committee and sat on the firm’s Operating Committee. He is a graduate of LeMoyne College with a bachelor’s degree in political science, and currently sits on LeMoyne’s Board of Trustees.

Break the Cycle of Greed and Fear when Investing in Today‘s Markets

Wieland Arlt

Wieland Arlt, CFTe |   Torero Traders School

In today‘s markets, investors and traders often find themselves on the wrong side of the trade. Driven by greed and fear, they react more than they use clear and concrete tools for decision making. The result is that some investments are profitable just for a short period of time but over a long time become a losing position in the portfolio. In his presentation about the cycle of greed and fear, Wieland Arlt covers how to overcome one‘s own emotions and make rational investment decisions again.

Wieland Arlt holds a degree in economics, is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe®), coach, and trainer. As a professional trader he has been dealing with the subject of investing and trading for many years. He is the author of the bestselling books “Risk and Money Management – Simplified (German)”, “Risk and Money Management for Day and Swing Trading (English)“ and “55 Reasons to Become a Trader (German)” as well as of numerous articles in leading financial magazines. Wieland Arlt is President of the “International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA)” as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the “Association of Technical Analysts in Germany (VTAD)” and is also a sought-after speaker at international investment conferences. As trader, coach and trainer, it is important to Wieland Arlt to train every trader with trading approaches that are easy to understand and therefore also easy to implement.


Daryl Guppy

Daryl Guppy |  CEO, - Darwin, Singapore, Beijing -

Your trading software is stuffed with hundreds of indicators, so how do you know which are most appropriate for the way that you want to trade? Daryl Guppy considers three elements of market analysis and shows how he uses those to select appropriate indicators. It’s a toolbox cleanout that leaves you with just the most effective analysis and trade management instruments. Guppy starts with behavioural patterns and then applies psychological analysis tools for insights into trend behaviour. Finally, he uses volatility management to define entry, stop loss, exit points and conditions. The tool set he uses may not be yours, but by explaining why these tools are selected and how they are assembled, he gives you the process you can apply to make the best use of your much loved indicators.

Daryl Guppy has provided trading and investment analysis of financial markets for more than 25 years. He trades his own capital and has a well-established public record of successful trade calls for trading local and global equity, commodity and FX markets. Recognised as an international investment master, Daryl has nine books published by John Wiley, including “Trend Trading” and “The 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders.” He has developed several technical indicators which are included in industry standard software such as Metastock and many other charting programs. Daryl is a regular contributor for financial magazines and media in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia and the US. He is a columnist in Singapore’s The Edge, Business Times, China Daily and Shanghai Security News.

STOCHASTICS TRADE ROOM REVEAL! 80+ Original S&P500 Intraday Charts Annotated by George Lane

Connie Brown

Connie Brown |  Technical Analyst, Founder of Aerodynmic Investments Inc., Author and Consultant

Connie Brown holds the technical analysts industry’s highest accreditation, Master of Financial Technical Analysis. Her thirty-two years’ experience in the financial trading industry includes frontline trader for 12 years on S&P500 institutional trading desks in New York and Boston and six years managing her own global equity futures hedge fund. Ms. Brown founded Aerodynamic Investments Inc. in 1996 to advance the field of technical research using Gann theory. Early in Ms. Brown’s career she was the Senior S&P500 Analyst for Elliott Wave International’s institutional division. She continues to practice technical analysis, actively trading from her office in North Carolina and advising numerous financial institutions and banks around the world on her technical strategy.

Honored as the 2018 Hall of Fame inductee by the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts, Ms. Brown has written nine books. Fibonacci Analysis, published by Bloomberg Press, won the Gold medal in the Global 2009 Axiom Business Book Awards. Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional is required reading for the IFTA CFTe exams. Her ninth book on Gann Analysis called The Thirty-Second Jewel was released in 2019. In two years since the late 2019 release, the industry has named her latest book as the leading source for all things Gann that covers all of W.D. Gann’s methods, formulas, and Time Factors as cross-referenced to Gann’s own books.

Bollinger Bands 2021

John Bollinger

John Bollinger |  American author, financial analyst, technical research contributor, and the creator of Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are a technical trading tool designed to answer the question “Are prices high or low on a relative basis? created by John Bollinger in the early 1980s. They arose from the need for adaptive trading bands and the observation that volatility was dynamic, not static as was widely believed at the time. Bollinger Bands can be applied in all the financial markets including equities, forex, commodities, and futures and used in most time frames, from very short-term periods, to hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

John's book, Bollinger on Bollinger Bands (2001), has been translated into eleven languages. He has published the Capital Growth Letter since 1987, a newsletter which provides technical analysis of the financial markets. As President and Founder of Bollinger Capital Management, John Bollinger offers technically focused money management services to individuals, companies, trusts, and retirement plans.

Wyckoff Method In Modern Markets

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser |   Industry-leading “Wyckoffian,” educator, commentator on Wyckoff Method for

Bruce Fraser, an industry-leading "Wyckoffian," began teaching graduate-level courses at Golden Gate University (GGU) in 1987. Working closely with the late Dr. Henry (“Hank”) Pruden, he developed curriculum for and taught many courses in GGU’s Technical Market Analysis Graduate Certificate Program, including Technical Analysis of Securities, Strategy and Implementation, Business Cycle Analysis and the Wyckoff Method. For nearly three decades, he co-taught Wyckoff Method courses with Dr. Pruden, and has also used this approach to the markets as the foundation of his own trading for over 35 years.

Bruce was co-founder, principal and portfolio manager at Pring-Turner Capital Group (PTCG) with Martin Pring and Joe Turner. He has retired to teaching the Wyckoff Method, trading, and creating blogs and videos at He is currently a commentator on the Wyckoff Method for and co-hosts a weekly Wyckoff webinar at Wyckoff Analytics. Bruce is past-President and current Chairman of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco ( which is the oldest technical analysis society in the United States.

Weaving the market tapestry

Eoin Treacy

Eoin Treacy |   CEO Global Strategy Service,

Capital is both global and mobile. It flows to the most attractive assets. More than ever, it is essential to take a global perspective to assess where both risks and opportunities can be found. That’s where charts come into their own. They allow us to act as judges at an international beauty contest; where only the most attractive patterns pique our interest. Join Eoin Treacy as he weaves a path through global markets and arrives at the conclusion as to which are the best to invest in and which are best to avoid.

Eoin Treacy is CEO of the Global Strategy Service, The service includes the longest running financial markets podcast in the world (started in 2004), the longest running seminar on behavioural trading now in its 52nd year and a truly global chart library. He is also a director of the Nevada Trust Company, an investment director for Southbank Investment and an editor at Legacy Research. His book Crowd Money was nominated for technical book of the year in 2013. Eoin helps manage the EF WM Global Corporate Autonomies Fund in the UK which is based on the ideas contained in the book. He also provides consultancy for family offices and institutional investors. Eoin has appeared on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, NDTV, the BBC World Service and been quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

Combining Technical and Macro Analysis with Options Intelligence

Scott Fullman

Scott Fullman |   Chief Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager, Revere Securities LLC.

Scott H. Fullman, CMT is the founder of the Increasing Alpha® research platform, which utilizes a combination of technical and macro analysis as well as options intelligence. In addition to his role as Chief Investment Strategist at Revere Securities LLC, he is portfolio manager for separately managed accounts as well as the Revere Sector Opportunity ETF (RSPY) at Revere Wealth Management LLC. Additionally, Scott is the Branch Manager of the firm's New York headquarters and has been the acting Chief Operating Officer.

Scott is also the President & CEO of Fullman Technologies, Inc., and serves on the board-of-directors of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts (“AAPTA”), and is a past president of that organization. During his career Scott has written two books, countless articles, and has given many interviews to the financial press. He was an instructor at the New York Institute of Finance (“NYIF”) and an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University. He has also served a number of industry committees and has originated or assisted in the development of new products, including the Hapoalim American Israeli Index (“HAI”), Equity Flex Options, and the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (“SPY”). Scott is a member of the CMT Association and the Hedge Fund Association.

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