Saturday, October 9, 2021 Presentations

Saturday, October 9, 2021 Presentations


Larry Williams

Larry Williams | Market technician, private trader, author, teacher -

In this presentation Larry Williams will teach what his almost 60 years of trading and market research have proven to him can help us make money and what doesn't. There are many claims about lots of indicators and trading approaches that just don't work. He'll teach what has proven not to work, and also show you what he personally uses to trade, what his thoughts are about trading, and techniques that he hopes you can use to become a more profitable trader, as well as lessons learned from years of system development.

Many have called him "legendary Larry." Jim Cramer, on Mad Money, simply called him "the world's best technician." Regardless of what you call him, Larry Williams has years of success behind him in real-time trading and winning trading championships as well as having his students win trading championships. He is more than a trader; he is a teacher, a developer of abilities … someone you can learn a lot from. Larry’s experiences are real-time not academic. And that real-time trading experience includes the ups and downs, which Larry also discusses.

Using RRG® to See the BIG Picture in ONE Picture

Julius de Kempenaer

Julius de Kempenaer | Director/Owner of RRG Research, Sr. Analyst at -

This presentation will show you how to use Relative Rotation Graphs® to build a BIG picture view in a top-down fashion - Starting at Asset Class level working down the investment pyramid all the way to individual stocks. Julius provides a short refresher on RRGs. What they are and how they should be read will be part of the presentation, but the focus will be on the application and use of the tool to build a coherent view on markets.

Julius is the creator of Relative Rotation Graphs®. He is the founder of RRG-Research and serves as a senior analyst for After graduating from the Dutch Royal Military Academy and a career as an officer in the Dutch Air Force, Julius worked as a quant-/technical analyst on both the buy- and the sell-side for companies like ROBECO, RABOBANK and KEMPEN & Co. in Amsterdam. Relative Rotation Graphs came to life while he was working as a sell-side analyst looking to present the "BIG picture in ONE picture" to professional fund managers. The implementation of RRG by BLOOMBERG in 2011 marked the start of RRG-Research, which licenses the use of Relative Rotation Graphs to third parties and provides research and consultancy based on this tool and the broader concept of relative strength. RRG® implementations are available on BLOOMBERG, Refinitiv EIKON, OPTUMA, and among others.

Regression Analysis to Determine Best Use of Technical Analysis Tools

Shinji Okada

Shinji Okada MFTA | Quick Corp.

Shinji OKADA majored in political science at Nihon University Graduate School of Law, and after graduation started his business career at Securities Japan Co. Ltd., Tokyo, where he engaged in the sales of various securities, e.g., Japanese/U.S. equities, fixed income and investment trusts, through which he became interested in the practical applications of technical analysis. As his interest in technical analysis had grown, he had learned that so many investors tended to sustain losses panicking at various trend turning points. It is this experience that has drawn him to the research of the regression analysis of trends to find their turning points making the best use of famous technical analysis tools, e.g., Dow Theory, Elliot Wave Theory, Bollinger Bands. In March 2020 he joined Quick Corp. and has mainly been engaged in planning and providing new and better information services to financial institutions while continuing his research on the technical analysis.

How a trader used Welles Wilder's tools to build a framework for a consistent trading program and walk away with performance stats in the top 1% of all hedge funds

Linda Raschke

Linda Raschke | Professional Trader

In honor of Welles Wilder's work, Linda Raschke will review the three indicators/systems that most influenced her work and built the foundation for her trading program. Welles Wilder is perhaps the biggest figure in the world of modern trading. He actually “digitized” existing technical analysis tools, and also developed a large number of new indicators. The Momentum System, the Volatility system and the power of Average True Range, and the power of the ADX for highlighting price bar overlap and equilibrium points are as durable and robust as they were 43 years ago when "New3 Concepts in Technical Trading Systems was originally published!

Linda is a world renowned commodities and future trader with a top-notch track record spanning three decades. She has been a full-time professional trader for over 35 years and her hedge fund was ranked 17th out of 4500 for the best 5-year performance by Barclay’s Hedge.

"Eddie's Crayons..." Current Analysis and Expectations

Eddie Tofpik

Eddie Tofpik | Head of Technical Analysis & Senior Markets Analyst, ADM Investor Services International Limited

Eddie Tofpik started in the markets in 1980 and has worked on trading desks in Bullion, Energy, Agricultural, Softs, Metals Futures & Options. In the late 1980s, he added FX, Equities and Fixed Income to his abilities and by 1990 he’d managed desks in all of these. He joined Esprit Brokers (precursor to ADMISI) in 1991 to develop FX business & started the 24-Hour FX Desk. By 2018, after 27 successful years as Head of FX he moved over to a new role as Head of Technical Analysis and Senior Markets Analyst. ADM Investor Services International Limited (ADMISI) is a full service brokerage company with a 100+ year history in London & international markets. ADMISI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland (UK) Limited & indirectly a wholly-owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company of the U.S.

Eddie is a Director of The Society of Technical Analysts in the UK. He’s also a Member of ACI-UK (the FX dealers association) and an Associate Member of the CISI. Eddie publishes ‘Eddie’s Crayons…’ Technical Analysis reviews of FX and commodity futures markets. He regularly speaks at conferences, TV & radio.

Strategic Options Use in the Portfolio

Larry McMillan

Larry McMillan | President of McMillan Analysis Corporation, founded 1991

Professional trader Lawrence G. McMillan is perhaps best known as the author of Options As a Strategic Investment, the best-selling work on stock and index options strategies, which has sold over 300,000 copies. An active trader of his own account, he also manages option-oriented accounts for certain individuals. In a research capacity, he edits and contributes to his firm’s publications: Daily Volume Alerts, The Option Strategist and The Daily Strategist – derivative products newsletters covering equity, index, and futures options. Finally, he speaks on option strategies at many seminars and colloquia in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Larry is often seen on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and is quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Data Broadcasting’s “Exchange” magazine, Futures Magazine,, Active Trader Magazine and many others. In 2011, Larry received the prestigious Sullivan Award in recognition on behalf of his outstanding contributions to the growth and integrity of the U.S. options markets.

Prior to founding McMillan Analysis Corporation, Larry was a proprietary trader at two major brokerage firms – primarily Thomson McKinnon Securities, where he ran the Equity Arbitrage Department for nine years.

Providing Tactical Asset Allocation Advice in an Institutional Framework

Prof. Robert Schott

Prof. Robert Schott CMT | Master's Degree Instructor, Investments & Risk | University of Connecticut

An expert in Global Markets, Investment, Risk and Asset Allocation, Robert served as one of General Electric Asset Management’s Portfolio Managers for Tactical Asset Allocation. In this senior role he managed asset allocation across the investment classes and markets for Pension and Balanced Funds. He provided Tactical Asset Allocation advice to clients, and enhanced portfolio performance through overlays, hedges, manager selection and alternative investments. An expert in Equities, Fixed Income, Credit, Foreign Exchange, Global Investment & Derivatives, he has extensive Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Mutual Fund Management, Investment and ALM experience. Robert is a Master's Degree Instructor on Investments & Risk at the University of Connecticut. An expert in derivatives, he brings more than 35 years of financial market experience to the position. Robert most recently served as a consultant to GECC on both country and market risks.

Previously, Robert was Director of Capital Markets, Landesbank Baden Wuertemberg; Director of Derivatives, Foreign Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange at TIAA-CREF; and the Senior Investment Officer of Oppenheim International Finance, Dublin. In 1976, he earned his BA in Economics from the University of Notre Dame and in 1985 graduated from New York University with a MBA in Finance. Robert is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and market historian.